Pilobolus is the name of a fungus but also the name of one of my favorite dance companies in the world.

I went today to the Joyce Theatre in New York to see the season 2013 program of Pilobolus, and once again I was blown away. Their unique style and aesthetics talk to me in a very personal and direct way.  This is probably the 8th time that I have seen them over the years and every time they manage to surprise me.

But that wasn’t all I did today. I needed to go to IKEA and now that my car arrived to New York (see picture below), I decided to drive. I went over the Brooklyn Bridge and it was intimidating and exciting.

I’m wearing skinny jeans by GAP and a cotton shirt by H&M. The pictures were taken in Ikea while I was shopping.

me me

This is a picture of my car being delivered in Manhattan:

Car in NYMe driving in NY:DrivingPilobolus!


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