The view from my office includes a oversized billboard of the musical The Lion King, which I saw (again) two Saturdays ago and neglected to blog about.  It is one of my favorite musicals I have ever seen and it  made me a believer of Julie Taymor (who later re-confirmed it with the movie Frida. She directed both). Visually the musical is amazing and the use of puppetry is inspiring.

Tomorrow morning I am moving to my first place in New York (so far I have been staying in an apartment provided by the company i work for). I am too busy and too tired to write any more about The Lion King. All I will add is that you should see it if you have the opportunity.  AND that today is World Lion Day.

I’m wearing skinny jeans from April 77, a shirt by H&M, cardigan by Ben Sherman and shoes by Cole Haan.

me 1 me 2 me 3 LionKing shoe

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