Today I got the keys for the apartment I am renting in New York City! I am SO excited!

Even though I don’t have my things (they are still in their way from Los Angeles) and all I have is a mattress, I am filled with happiness.  The view of the Empire State Building is incredible and I am including two photos here today. One during the day and one tonight.

I went shopping today for the first time since I moved to the city. I went to Topman and took advantage of some really cool specials.

Today I am wearing a T-shirt by Topman and shorts by Forever 21.

me apartment empire states at night protector

One thought on “My Own place in NYC

  1. Ya va agarrando “calor de hogar”, se ve que es un lugar precioso. Que tengas millones de momentos de felicifdad alli mi Jesus. Un beso. T.Q.M

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