Today I flew to Atlanta in the morning  (a 8:30 AM flight) and came back to New York landing at 9;20 PM, spending there only 10 hours. The reason was a shoot for promotional materials for a new show coming next year on BET.  The talent was the fabulous Sommore and you can see in the picture how strikingly beautiful she is.  And she was really nice to work with too! I can’t give away too many details, but I hope the show will be a big success.  I also have to mention how nice is the rest of my team.  That is the part of my job that I like the best.

The plane was a smaller plane (see picture below) and that part I didn’t like too much.  The aircraft felt too light and fragile. I’m incredibly happy to be back home.

I’m wearing skinny jeans and cardigan by H&M, a shirt by Ben Sherman and sneakers by Prada.

I’m including a picture I took in a bathroom in the Atlanta International Airport, because it looks much better than the ones I had taken in the studios where we were working.

me 1 me 2 Setplane

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