Today I finally went to the movies to see Lee Daniel’s The Butler. And I really liked it.

Forest Whitaker is flawless and my old boss –Oprah Winfrey– was really great.  The story is told with enough elegance to make it work, which is not easy having so many presidents and historical events in one single script.

I worked for OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network) for more than a year and a half, and the best moment there-by far-  was the moment I met the Miss O in person.  It was a small meeting where 3 people (including myself) were there to present some projects and ideas to her.  She immediately noticed that we haven’t been introduced before and my boss said “Oprah, this is Jesus” (pronouncing my name in English, like Gee-Zuss).  She stood up (I did as well) and we met half way through and, as she hugged me, she said “Every day is a good Day to meet Jesus” (Also in with the English pronunciation, like Jesus Christ).  And she hugged me fine. She is a great hugger.

After that every time she would see me, she would smile and say “Here is Jesus” .

I have many good memories from my time working at OWN but that particular moment will stay fresh in my memory for a very long time.

I wore today shorts by Benetton and a short sleeve shirt by UniQlo.  In the morning I went very early to ride my bike at Central Park and I wore a suit by Orca (I look like a crazy person in the picture wearing the biking gear because I had just gotten back home after my ride and I was exhausted.  But I love biking in Manhattan, so no complains!).

me 1 me 2 Orca

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