Autumn has arrived, at least in the calendar.  Fall is my favorite season of the year and I am very excited.  I think it brings the best weather and the best looking natural landscapes.

It also brings the chance to start wearing layers again, and the art of combining clothes becomes much more interesting (I hope that happens soon).

Today I wore green skinny jeans by H&M (the cardigan is also from H&M) A polo shirt by Original Penguin and shoes by Converse.

For riding my bike around Central Park in the morning, I wore tights by Nike and a t-shirt by Abercrombie. The black jacket is from American Apparel (with the logo of a production company based in Los Angeles).  The shoes in the photo are Pumas. But i wore biking shoes for the ride.

It seems like it will rain tonight and that it will be a little bit colder tomorrow, but the day today was beautiful.

me 1 me 2 Running tights sky

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