The weather was fabulous today and I did what is becoming my favorite thing to do in New York City: ride my bike around Central Park.

I took pictures of what I see, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the most beautiful building in the West Side and many people jogging or riding bikes.

The only scary part is to get there from my apartment and the return.  Specially the return, when I need to take 7th Ave and the taxi drivers are totally crazy.

For my ride I wore biking shorts by Zimco Cycle Wear, t-shirt by Gap and shoes by Shimano.

After my ride I came back home, took a shower and wore skinny jeans by G-Star, a long sleeve t-shirt by Gap and shoes by Camper.

Gear  me 2 park 1

The Met:The Met The Guggenheim:guggenheim Riding CU

West Side:West Side Park 2

7th Avenue:7th ave

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