Today, the difference in temperature between New York and Los Angeles was 50 degrees. Yes, 50.

It was cold and snowy and gray today in NY while L.A. was warm and sunny and vibrant.  I am including a picture of the computer screen with the readings for both cities, so you can see it was true.  I am also including pictures of mid town Manhattan that I took from my apartment, on my way to work and from my office. All covered with snow. I love the pictures I took of ice sculptures of dogs that I saw on my way to work.  They were really cool.

I wore skinny jeans by Topman, shirt by UniQlo, cardigan and jacket by H&M and shoes by Kenneth Cole.

me me Jesus M. Rodriguez Jesus M. Rodriguez 50 DegreesIce dog Ice dog Ice Dogs roof top Bryant Park Tables Roof tops snow in Times Square

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