Today we had our department holiday party and everyone brought something: drinks, food, desserts.  We had a great time and I laughed much more that I expected.  It was a big success.  One of the things that made me laugh the hardest was a misspelling on a cake decoration, where the cake makers split the word holidays in two, making it “Holly Days”.  It was so funny and cute at the same time.

Today I wore skinny corduroy jeans and turtleneck by Gap, jacket by Topman, shoes by Kenneth Cole and coat by Calvin Klein, which gave my a lot of troubles with the zipper getting stuck.  It is my most expensive winter coat and the only one that gives me trouble.  That is why there is a big difference between cost and value.  A misspelling on a cake makes me laugh. A crappy zipper in an expensive coat, not so much.

meme me  Holly Cake

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