Welcome back.  As I mentioned before, after a full year (yes, 365 days) of posts on this blog documenting what I wore every single day, this year I will be blogging more or less once a week.

My first post is motivated by the impressive snow storm that hit the North East of the United States of America known as Hercules.  A lot of snow and really cold air blasted New York City.  The city didn’t stop completely, but it made it very complicated to move around.  I got some really amazing pictures of the snow covered city.

To keep myself warm I wore skinny corduroy jeans (I wore long underwear) by H&M, a warm shirt from GAP, a wool cardigan by John Varvatos and a coat by UniQlo.

The night before (when the storm arrived) we went to the Opera an The Met to see Mozart;s The Magic Flute, directed by Julie Taymor, which was adorable. I’m including a photo of me and Christopher leaving the Lincoln Center after the show. meMadison Park Very Cold Mid Town Bryant Park Near Macy's Crazy Snow  Bryant Park5th AveLeaving the Opera:Lincoln Center

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