Today was a wonderful sunny day in New York.  A storm may be coming and tomorrow promise to be cold as hell, but today was perfect.  The intensity of the color blue in the sky this time of the year is hypnotic and the people filled the parks to enjoy it.

I haven’t written a lot lately.  After an entire year of posting every day I needed to rest. But I do miss writing the posts and taking the photos.  I miss the daily creative exercise of thinking what to wear and how to take the pictures. I miss thinking of things to write about.  I think the decision of writing the blog was a really good one and I am very proud of the fact that I did it every day for a year, but it was a lot.   I will continue to write once every week or two. So here I am.

For those who continue to visit and read THANK YOU!

Today I wore skinny jeans by TopMan, wool sweater by  John Varvatos, coat and shirt by UniQlo and shoes by PradaJan 20 meJan 20 meJan 20 me  Jan 20 meJan 20 me

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