Summer is almost here. That’s an extra great reason for me to be happy to be back in Los Angeles, California. Where the weather is almost always perfect. Never too hot. Never too cold.

Also summer is the perfect season to wear white pants. In my case they are white skinny jeans. Although today I am calling them Tight Pants, as Jimmy Fallon have made them famous in his show while singing and dancing with Will Ferrell and more recently, with the fabulous Jennifer Lopez (video attached below).

I am also including two photos I took on my way back from the office. Just because it was such a beautiful afternoon. One is the exquisite building Bullocks Wilshire, built in 1929 and probably the most beautiful art deco building in all Los Angeles.  The other photo is of the palm trees I have in from of my house. So tall. So majestic. So california.

I’m wearing skinny white jeans by All Saints, shirt by Ben Sherman, blazer by Ermenegildo Zegna. Shoes by Wolverine 1000 Mile.

me in tight pants me in white tight pants One more of me wearing white tight pantsBullocks Wilshire L.A. Palms


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